Sustainability at Peppers Waymouth

Here at Peppers Hotel Waymouth Street - Adelaide, we are committed to embedding sustainability into every facet of our daily operations. We recognise that sustainability is an ongoing journey and are continually striving to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. Below are some of the initiatives we have implemented to date.

Dry Amenities

We are delighted to share our ongoing commitment to reducing single-use plastics in our guest rooms. As part of this initiative, we have made a significant decision to eliminate single-use dry amenities, taking a bold step towards a plastic-free environment.

We understand the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. By removing single- use plastic amenities such as toothbrushes, combs, and shower caps from our guest rooms, we are significantly reducing our environmental footprint. Instead, guests can request dry amenities by calling room service or visiting our friendly team at reception.

Large Amenities

As part of our ongoing efforts, we have made the proactive decision to move to large format amenities, replacing our single-use plastic common amenities with eco-friendly pump dispensers throughout the hotel. By eliminating single-use plastic bottles, we are significantly reducing the amount of waste generated by our operations. This commitment aligns with our dedication to environmental stewardship and reflects our ongoing efforts to improve sustainability in all aspects of our hotel.

Food Waste

At Peppers Hotel Waymouth Street - Adelaide, we are committed to reducing food wastage and promoting sustainable practices across our food and beverage outlets and conferencing department. We understand the importance of minimising our environmental impact while delivering exceptional culinary experiences to our guests.

We receive bulk deliveries of supplies and amenities to reduce carbon emissions from delivery trucks.

We have eliminated packaging waste on our take away items by introducing wooden utensils and cardboard cups for takeaway foods & drinks.


At Peppers Hotel Waymouth Street - Adelaide, all hotel waste is separated into co-mingle, cardboard, food waste and general waste, minimising our impact on landfill. In addition, we have taken a number of steps to further reduce water and embrace a circular system.

We recycle all bottles with a bottle recycler to ensure that the glass can be re-manufactured into more glass bottles.

We purchase Eco Tote alcohol in bulk (where possible) to reduce packaging waste. This allows us to clean and refill existing bottles of the same alcohol reducing the number of deliveries we get as well as reducing the glass waste.

From our restaurant we collect all of the coffee grinds and send it to waste recyclers who then turn the grinds into garden compost.


Community Support

We are committed to maintaining strong connections with our local community and give back wherever possible.

We ensure that, where possible, we use all local South Australian & Australian supplies to ensure that we support & keep local business strong.

All of our old/used sheets, towels & other linen is recycled by donating them to local charities to help the less fortunate people in our community. We also donate all of the lost property that isn’t collected, to Puddle Jumpers, which is a community-based charity.

When we have excess stock that is close to the end of its food-life we call charities like OZ Harvest to collect the food so they can distribute it to their network.

We acknowledge and respect the traditional land of the Kaurna People, that the hotel sits and operates on with a sticker proudly displayed in our foyer for all our guests to see.


Peppers Hotel Waymouth Street strives to accommodate the diverse needs & wants of all of our guests, including guests with mobility challenges. We have dedicated wheelchair access rooms for guests with mobility challenges allowing them to be independent and feel comfortable without compromising our guests stay.

Our rooms are open-plan allowing free flow movement which ensures that there are no barriers or tight spaces that could impede movement within the room. We also understand that external access is also a challenge so we have upgraded our access with a new wheelchair ramp to ensure smooth and safe entry & exit from the hotel and our concierge is always there to assist and lend a hand. Our Guest lifts make it easy for access to each floor and our friendly staff will be there to assist with any specific need or request to ensure that every guest has a memorable and enjoyable stay with us.